Visual Designer

Princess K

Hello Princess K and Team. I can help you elevate your brand with cute illustrations or animations.



So you need a cute lil logo for your brand…

With each illustration you’ll get:

  • All the file formats you need in various sizes (whether you are printing this on a t-shirt or posting it to your social media accounts).

  • Included research and questionnaire to get to know you best

  • Starting at $60


More Illustration Samples


3-5 Second Looping GIFS


As you can see, Pa is simply-SUPER excited here.

  • Have a signature move you would like to animate? GIFS can be used on website and multiple social media platforms instead of still images.

  • For a lower budget, we can keep the images simple. This makes it quicker to create and animate.

  • Starting at $80


More GIF Samples



Puppets for Animation

Scripted Animation

  • Have an idea for a scripted series? Maybe you just want to create a short and simple ad with your own talking character?

  • I’ll take your ideas and turn them into a cool production.

  • Starting at $700


More Puppet Samples


Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to seeing what you grow into.

Interested in working together? Got more questions or concerns?

Email me at