I have included a list of topics I would like to cover over the next year with this project. These will be for the Youtube tutorials and blog/vlog posts.
Deconstruction - taking apart store bought clothing
Reconstructing, old to new - taking old clothes and turning them into new items that look cool
People I like - interview/talk about interesting people I admire in fashion
Luxury Sewing Mistakes/Mis-hapes - show projects that I have not finished and have made mistakes on but turn into something good
Luxury Fans -shoutout a fan, and look into their sewing life. Get encouragement from regular people who like to sew.
I’m a Procrastinator… talk about project’s collecting dust and why I gave up on thm. Maybe it made a mistake, I got bored, it looks bad
Using remnants to create kids clothes and accessories 
What came first? The fabric or the pattern?
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